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Elizabeth Johnson


Elizabeth Johnson was one of three sisters of a family of nine children born to John and Elizabeth Johnson. The chronological order of birth in relation to her siblings is still unclear. It is assumed that Elizabeth remained in the “Family Homestead” vicinity in the Turbeville area, Clarendon County. She later married Samuel D Hampton and their union produced nine children, four (4) boys and five (5) girls, namely John, Bill, Howard, Jeremiah, Bertha, Eula, Winnie, Alma, and Rosa.


At the time of the first genealogy publication, data was not available to chart the descendants of Elizabeth Johnson-Hampton beyond her Nine (9) off-springs. Since that time contact was made with a great-grand daughter still living in vicinity of Turbeville SC. Alma, was the only living child of Elizabeth Johnson-Hampton at the time of this research. She is now deceased, but in 1991 she, was living in a trailer park (#22) in the town of Turbeville, located in Clarendon County. With the help of Elizabeth’s great-grand daughter Gladys Hampton.


A total of 60 descendants have been counted. Additional information is still needed however, to complete the genealogy of Elizabeth Johnson-Hampton.


Sources: Elizabeth Johnson

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