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Emma Johnson Reardon


Emma Johnson Reardon was one of the nine children born to John and Elizabeth Johnson. The chronological order of her birth in relation to her other siblings were not known at time of the first reunion genealogy publication in 1992. However, since that time some further research were done and it was determined that she may have been the youngest of her siblings.


Emma spent her early years in the Turbeville area of Clarendon County, (her family origin) and settled there when she wed William D Reardon. Their union produced four (4) children, one daughter: Annie Reardon McFadden, three (3) sons: Earnest, Simon, and Otis Reardon. Emma, her husband and children eventually moved to New Zion to a 99-acre farm they bought around 1921.


Many of her descendants still live on this farm today. A family chart is provided in a subsequent section. Emma died around 1948. She is buried in the old Mcfadden cemetery, Oak Grove community near Turbeville, South Carolina. We have been able to enumerate 88 descendants of Emma Johnson and William D Reardon, focusing on seven generations.

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