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Isaiah Johnson


Isaiah Johnson was one of the six (6) sons and nine (9) offsprings of John and Elizabeth Johnson. The chronological order of his birth in relation to his brothers and sisters is still unclear. Isaiah’s early years were spent on the Family Homestead in the Sumter-Turbeville area of South Carolina. Isaiah married Margaret Scott and produced nine (9) children, consisting of six (6) sons and three (3) daughters. A genealogy chart of each child is provided in the subsequent section.


Isaiah eventually migrated from the Sumter - Clarendon County area to the Lando area located in York County. Elizabeth Johnson Blair, Isaiah’s daughter, vaguely remembers the move as she was only two (2) years old at the time. Around 1922, Isaiah relocated his family to Newport, South Carolina, a rural suburb, where they lived with “Nan Turner” until they found a place of their own.


During those days, farming was a major source of living. Isaiah moved to the old “Cooks Place” where as farmers, he and his family worked as sharecroppers for a while. He then moved his family to the Leedsville area, located near St. Paul Church (for those of you familiar with the area). Isaiah’s final move was to the old “Neely Place” located on the outskirts of Rock Hill, SC, where he remained until he died. Isaiah was buried at Emanuel A.M.E. Zion Church, Newport, SC.


Currently, there are two (2) living children of Isaiah and Margaret, namely, Eva Johnson Knox, who resides in Rock Hill, SC and Elizabeth (Betty) Blair who lives in Los Angeles, California. We were able to count three hundred twenty (320) descendants as a result of Isaiah and Margaret’s union, focusing on seven (7) generations.

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