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Robert Johnson


Robert Johnson was one of nine (9) siblings and one of six (6) sons born to John and Elizabeth Johnson. Robert’s childhood was spent in the Lake City area. Around 1890 Robert Johnson moved from “across the swamp” out of the Lake City area in to the Turbeville area, located in Clarendon County. He was married to “Maggie” McFadden and had twelve (12) children, seven (7) daughters and five (5) sons.


Robert purchased land and settled in the Turbeville area. All of Robert’s children are now deceased. He initially built a two (2) room log home. In 1910, he built an eight room “L” shaped house. This home was destroyed by fire in 1933. In December of 1934, Alexander Johnson, one of Robert’s sons, replaced that house with an eight (8) room home. That home became the family homestead and it still stands today. It is located in the southeast part of Turbeville. Robert is buried at Johns Chapel Baptist Church, Olanta, S.C. Descendants of Robert’s family are still living in the Turbeville area today.


Based on data available at the time of preparing this Family Chart, two hundred sixty eight (268) descendants were a result of the Robert Johnson “Maggie” McFadden union, concentrating on seven (7) generations.


Source: Grady Johnson, Robert’s grandson Turbeville, S.C.

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