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William Johnson


William Johnson was one of the six (6) sons and nine (9) children of John and Elizabeth Johnson. The chronological order of Williams’ birth is still being researched. However, based on the data submitted, he was probably born between eighteen hundred and seventy, and eighteen hundred and eighty (1870-1880). He later married Dora Wheeler and to this union, seven (7) children were born, consisting of two (2) daughters and five (5) sons.


Each of the seven children, are listed chronologically in the following sections of this manual. Information was presented to validate the births of William and Dora’s offsprings, beginning in late 1890 and ending with the birth of their youngest child, Verva Lee Johnson, who was born on January 18, 1912. Currently, Benjamin Platt Johnson, who was born on April 28, 1908, is the only living child of William and Dora Johnson.


William is now deceased as of 2010. Based on information available, we have been able to trace William Johnson’s family to six (6) generations in relation to John and Elizabeth Johnson. Ninety eight (98) descendants

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